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DexTopia is the newest decentralized multi-chain trading platform, created by traders for traders. The original idea started when we (the founders) were trying to find ways to put limit orders on other DEX tools and mainly found platforms where you need to hold an x amount of their token to become a so-called ‘premium user’. We didn’t feel like investing in these platforms’ tokens because these platforms make enough money from their advertisements etc., and the value of these tokens do not change much to make a decent profit. That is where the idea to ‘build a decentralized trading tool platform that cares about its users and holders at the same time’ originated.

As mentioned before most of these other platforms offer their tools only by holding an x amount of their token. On the DexTopia platform anyone can use the tools even without holding the DexTopia (DTA) token. You would only need to pay a small fee of the native chain’s coin (BNB for Binance Smart Chain etc.) for using the tools.

So why hold the DexTopia (DTA) token?
The DTA Token is a BNB reward token where 6% every transaction is given back to the holders. The more DTA that you hold, the higher your share of the BNB rewards.


There are 100 DTA tokens in circulation, you own 10 DTA tokens, and the 6% reward totals 10 BNB. This means that you’ll receive 10% of the reflection rewards, which in this case is 1 BNB.

Holding DTA tokens gets even better
The DexTopia team collects all the fees from using the trading tools and the payments received from all the advertisement in transparent wallets. This is normally the revenue for the DexTopia team. The DexTopia team will deduct the overhead costs from these revenues (servers, maintenance, etc.) and of the remaining funding, the team will give back to the holders by using 30% of the profit to by buy back and burn DTA tokens. This will constantly deflate the total supply and increase the liquidity. The other 70% will be used for the teams’ salaries, future developments and marketing.

So, join our community, become a holder and user of the platform and receive a steady income from now on!

Trading Tools

The DexTopia team is building a multi-chain trading tool platform. The first chain is the Binance Smart Chain to test the platform and to receive feedback from our community. When everyone is happy the DexTopia platform quickly moves to all other EVM chains.

The DexTopia platform will be using the TradingView charts, and multi-charts will be available for everyone to use. Up to 8 charts can be used at the same time (this number will increase over time). Users will be able to see charts from the different DEX platforms (Pancakeswap, Uniswap, etc.) at the same time.

Limit orders:
With state-of-the-art smart contracts users can set different buy/sell limit orders. This means the trade will only happen when the price of a token hits the price the user selected to buy or sell. There is a fee* of $2.50 (of the native chain token) for each limit order.

*This fee is only taken when the trade is successful. Gas fees would need to be paid on top.

Stop loss:
As with the limit orders, the smart contract guarantees that users sell their tokens when the price goes below a given level. This helps to cut down losses and ensures safe trading. There is a fee* for setting a stop loss order of $2.50 (of the native chain token).

*This fee is only taken when the trade is successful. Gas fees would need to be paid on top.

Keep in mind that for limit and stop loss orders there is currently a maximum of 10 trades per wallet. This will manage network traffic and keep the system running nice and smoothly.

The DexTopia team will give the opportunity to directly swap tokens on our platform. The team will be using the APIs from different DEXs (e.g., Pancakeswap etc.) to swap. 0.1% of the transaction will be collected as a small fee (keep in mind users will need to pay the DEX fee plus gas on top of that).

The DexTopia team have created a price alert bot that sends a direct message to users via Telegram when the price hits a given price (so ensure notifications are on).

In your watchlist users can keep track of all their favorite tokens and track them together from all chains.

This section will show the latest trends in price/volume etc. allow users to be able to make quick decisions and to see where the market is going.

Next to the trends section there’ll be a ‘trending’ bar with the top 10 trending tokens.

Top Gainer/losers
In the top gainers/losers section, users will be able to see from all DEX platforms connected to the DexTopia platform the top gainers and losers

New pairs
All new pairs listed will be added in a specific list so user can start doing their own research quickly and be one of the first to join new projects. Always make sure to triple check these new pairs! The team will create Telegram new pair bot for each chain, so users can directly be notified when a new pair is listed on a certain chain.

DexTopia will provide decentralized projects with a platform to raise and exchange capital. Providing investors with an opportunity to participate in a secure and compliant environment. The DexTopia Launchpad fills the gap between investors & fundraiser for all the chains support on the platform. Presales with soft cap/hard cap or fair launches are all supported. Features like whitelisting & vesting are included and with fees that are reasonable.

Liquidity Lockers
Liquidity lockers come together with the launchpad. Token owners can lock their liquidity to ensure security of the liquidity. Our internally and externally audited smart-contracts securely lock your LP tokens for any customized duration you specify. DexTopia never takes custody of your LP tokens and does not have access to them. Instead, they are stored in the smart contract. The LP tokens are only accessible to withdraw by the same wallet that initially locked them after the locking period has passed.

Multi-Chain Bridges
Bridges between blockchains are a vital part of the crypto industry and allows you to transfer funds between the different blockchains. DexTopia will set up so-called “Liquidity Bridges”. The first liquidity bridges will be based on USDC pools DexTopia will set up on the different chains. This means the user will be able to swap using the DexTopia swap aggregator tokens to USDC and transfers them from blockchain A to blockchain B using cross chain smart contracts. The liquidity bridges will be released in Q4 of 2022 and full technical white paper will be released prior to the go live.

Telegram Price bot
Token holders will be able to use our free Telegram price bot in their community groups to give the latest information about their token.


Quarter 1
√ Project/marketing planning and resourcing
√ Contract creation
√ Logo and brand design
√ Website creation + socials
KYC + Audit Pinksale
Stage 1 Marketing plan
Start Whitelist campaign
Presale on Pinksale

Quarter 2
Servers set up + infrastructure
Platform Audit
Beta testing DexTopia Charts and Trading tools
DexTopia Docs (Gitbook)
Stage 2 Marketing plan
Future roadmap announcement

Quarter 3
Launch of DexTopia and Trading tools (1st of August)
Re-scope Marketing plan
Add different languages (Mandarin, Spanish, etc.)
Telegram & Discord Price Bot
Telegram & Discord New Pair Bot
Token multi-sender
Launchpad & Liquidity Lockers
Wallet info

Quarter 4
Farming market overview
Multi-Chain Bridges
Gas price calculator
Contract minting
KYC + Audits
Continuous Marketing
2023 Roadmap announcement

Future plans: NFT creator + NFT market, Crypto academy, DexTopiaWallet & Blockchain.

DexTopia (DTA) Tokenomics

DTA token is a BNB reflection token. A BNB reflection token is a token that rewards holders through a fee (tax) on each transaction. Our token will automatically send BNB to holders’ wallets periodically based on the trading volume of the DTA Token, all completed by our rewards system smart contract.

6% of the tax on buy/sell orders gets added to the rewards pool.

Hold DTA Token and get automatic BNB rewards directly to your wallet!

3% of buys and sells gets added to the liquidity on PancakeSwap.

This liquidity becomes locked away and inaccessible, once again raising the price floor each time a transaction is made. In addition, by adding to the liquidity pool the price will see more stability and holders will be able to access their funds easily.

3% of the value of all buys and sells is sent to the marketing fund.

This will allow the team to attract more investors from around the world. More volume ensures the rewards pool is sustainable and able to grow. This will be changed to 0% when platform is fully launched.

Overview Buy/Sell Tax (12%)
6% BNB rewards
3% Liquidity
3% Marketing

Total supply: 100,000,000

10% Private Sale
15% Team wallet
10% Marketing development /donations
25% Presale
40% Liquidity

Fees & Advertisements
Fees and advertisement earnings will be the main source of income for the DexTopia platform. As mentioned previously, 30% of the profit the DexTopia team makes will be shared with its holders. Thus, it’s very important that our community works together to get more people using the platform. More users mean more income from advertisements and fees, and the more profit the team can share with their holders!

The DexTopia team have made security their highest priority. All wallets used on the DexTopia platform are multi signature wallets. This means that for a transaction to take place, the DexTopia Team use the 4 eyes principle. Two team members will need to sign off on every transaction made.

The platform itself is built with the highest security measures in place, and on top of that, we’re starting with a contract audit & know your customer (KYC) by PinkSale. Prior to beta testing the DexTopia team will request Certik to audit the whole platform prior to ‘Go-Live’. This gives not only us, but everyone, reassurance that the DexTopia platform is safe to use.

Join the community and share any feedback!


DexTopia multi-chain trading tools




DexTopia is a multi-chain decentralized trading tool platform